Emma Watson Raped

May 30, 2006

What I'm about to tell you is totally true and it happened about a year ago, in New York. I've been a security guard for Warner Brothers for a few years now and for the last couple my job has been that of a baby sitter to the cast of the Harry Potter films. For quite some time it was the most boring assignment ever. Until that s I got to guard Emma for the New York premiere of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. As I understand it, normally one of Emma's parents will chaperone her at these events but for some reason – death in the family I think – neither could be there. And so I was assigned to Emma 24/7 even to the extent of having an adjoining room next door to her hotel suite. And that's how it started. She was pretty young at the time – 14 I think – but she was clearly developing into a beautiful woman. And her body, wow that was starting to form some very shapely curves. I'd been on the set of the first two Harry Potter movies so I'd seen her develop from a flat chested prepubescent to the young lady I now guarded, on the cusp of woman-hood and raging with hormones. I'd spent two days with Emma in New York doing the tourist thing and all that time I couldn't take my eyes off her. Mostly she wore tight blue jeans, hugging her wonderful ass which my eyes were locked onto. One time, in a McDonalds, she bent over and I caught a glimpse of the top of her little breasts. Just being with her was torture. But we got on pretty well even though she was kind of stuck up. On the night of the premiere I couldn't resist it and spied on her through the keyhole of the door that connected my room to her suite. After an eternity I saw her come out of the shower, fluffy pink towel wrapped around her, droplets of water around her shoulders. Her hair was up in a towel and when she let it free it cascade around her shoulders. And then Emma let the towel drop to the floor as she went back to that bathroom and for a brief second I caught a glance of her perfectly dimpled buttocks. But when she came out she was in a bath robe and then disappeared from my field of vision to get dressed. For the premiere Emma wore an elegant white dress which made her look far older than she was. She was, quite simply, stunning and I could barely keep my eyes off her. The dress was slit at the leg and I couldn't stop staring at Emma's thigh as she walked. The after show party dragged on, as these things do, for ages. But eventually I got the instruction that Emma was tired and the limo took her and I back to her hotel. As we drove I got the impression that she was a little drunk on champagne. I got Emma to her room and thought I would try to steal a kiss. I moved towards her face, eyes drawn to her thin but wide mouth. "Erm…WHAT do you think you're doing" Emma spat as she recoiled. "A goodnight kiss, Emma, that's all" I said, kind of taken aback. "Firstly, it isn't Emma it's MISS WATSON to you and secondly who the HELL do you think you are?" Emma said, her eyes raging. "Sorry, I just thought……." I spluttered. "Thought what? Thought I'd fancy someone old enough to be my dad? Just get out" Emma said, showing me to the door. Alone in my room my heart was pounding. I wanted her so much it hurt. And the rejection from that little bitch hurt too. I spied through the keyhole and could see Emma walking around, her dress open at the back showing her bra strap. She walked into the bathroom. I thought about taking solace in a shot of heroine. I had all my gear with me and all I had to do was push the needle into me and it would take me away from this place. But a rage was growing inside of me, an uncontrollable desire. I tried to fight it, wrapped the thin rubber hose around my wrist to bare the vein, placed the needle to my skin and……… I had a better idea. Instead of using the heroine on myself……….. Stealthily I opened the door. I could hear the bath running and see a shadow in the bathroom. I crept towards the bathroom and as I did so heard the water stop running. Then I heard the sound of Emma taking a pee. Pulse racing, I hid behind the door, biding my time. Eventually, Emma emerged, her dress now pulled down over her shoulders. I grabbed her from behind, twisted her around and then fell onto the bed with her, one hand over her mouth. Emma tried to scream, but I was far more powerful than her and my whole hand covered her mouth. But then the feisty little bitch bit me and I pulled back, enough for her to scramble free. She fell off to the left of the bed and tried to run to the door. But in her long evening gown she couldn't run and I caught her by the hair, pulling her back to me and slapping her around the face. Then I placed a sharp punch directly into her abdomen and Emma bucked up, winded and paralysed in pain. She collapsed to the floor in a ball, writhing about, hands clutching her stomach, face screwed up in a silent scream of agony. I dragged Emma back to the bed and pushed her skirt up over her belly, to reveal her little white Calvin Klein panties.. With one movement I ripped the panties off her and shoved them harshly into her mouth. Then, using the silk belt of her night gown I tied her arms to the bed post above her head. Emma kicked harshly but I restrained her legs and slapped her around the face harshly, causing her little snub nose to bleed. Dazed, she half-fainted and I seized the opportunity to grab the syringe I had brought with me and jabbed the needle into Emma's wrist, pushing the plunger down. Emma's eyes flashed open and in a moment as she realised what I had done her face distorted into a mask of sheer terror. But it was too late and the chemical was already surging through her bloodstream, doping her senses. As Emma began to gently convulse as the drug possessed her, I grasped the top of her dress and pulled it down over her shoulders. Then I harshly pulled at the catch of her bra opening it to reveal Emma's breasts. Smaller than I imagined, Emma actually seemed quite flat chested even though I had previously admired her bust when she had been clothed. A quick glance at her bra revealed extensive padding. In contrast to her tiny breasts, I noticed that Emma's nipples were actually quite large, perfectly round and a gorgeous pink. The nipples themselves lay flat but the areola were plump and jutted away from the breast. Emma's head was lolling from side to side, her eyes dilated, her senses reeling. From the look of fear she knew what was happening but the drug within her was rendering her helpless to fight back. I grasped the him of Emma's dress and wrestled it upwards over her soft flat belly. Then my eyes took in the vision that was Emma's pussy, covered in a slightly untidy triangle of dark brown pubic hair. For her age Emma was actually very hairy down there. I traced my fingers through the hair and then shoved two roughly at the opening of her vagina, causing Emma to wince in pain through the panties which were still wedged securely in her mouth. She was very dry and tight and my fingers were clearly causing her considerable discomfort. I forced another finger in and watched Emma's face as her brow furrowed in pain. I couldn't hold back any longer. I wriggled my pants down and pulled down my boxers too, unleashing my now engorged cock which was rampant and pulsing. I forced my body between Emma's legs and, as I watched her eyes grow wide in terror, I sunk forward and pushed the tip of my cock into her vagina. "MMmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnggghhhhhh" Emma screamed in pain through the panties in her mouth God she was tight, so much so I though she would rip the skin of my cock. She was still very dry and I had to use considerable force to push my cock deeper into her. But the look of sheer pain on her face as I drove into her, ripping her hymen as I did so, was just so incredibly sexy, it drove me on and now my massive cock was buried deep within her, thrusting in and out. It felt amazing,the muscles of her young virgin cunt gripping my shaft. I looked down and delighted in the image of my thick cock shoving in and out of her hairy vagina, a thin film of blood on my shaft from her broken hymen.\I was close to cumming but I didn't want to impregnate Emma with my bastard child so I withdrew. As I did so Emma started to sob. My cock was pretty sore but I still wanted more. I pulled the ties free from Emma's wrists and flipped her over onto her stomach, pushing her head into the pillow. Her trembling arms reached behind her trying to push me away but I grabbed the wrists and pinned them up against the headboard, Then using my weight to hold her down, I re-tied Emma's arms above her head. With my right hand I grabbed Emma's long golden curly hair and pulled her head back up off the bed, forcing her body to curve towards me. Then with my other hand I reached around and pulled the panties from her mouth. Immediately she went to cry out but I forced her head down onto the pillow, my right hand still pulling painfully at her hair. I positioned myself behind her and gazed at her tiny pert little bottom and smooth thin legs. With one hand still firmly on her head, I used the other to manoeuvre my cock between her buttocks, pushing it forward until the head of it rested against her little puckered anus. From the pillow I could hear Emma's muffled squeals of terror. "No! Please…please…not there…. I beg you…not there!!!" Emma screamed into the pillow. A bead of sweat had started to trace it's way down Emma's naked back which looked so erotic I was filled with a desperate urge to fuck her. I thrust forward trying to force my cock into the young girl's tender anus. I was so big, and she was so small there, it took a massive amount of effort just to get the head of my cock in and I had to use one hand to steer my throbbing member. This allowed Emma to turn her head away from the pillow. As I thrust forward, impaling her on my penis, she cried out in agony. "AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggghhhhhhh hh…. It….hurts" Emma cried out. But this just made me push deeper, deeper inside her. Her anus was so tight I could feel my foreskin being pulled back painfully but I didn't stop, I just kept thrusting, harder and harder, deeper and deeper, my fists pulling on Emma's flowing gold hair, using her hair to pull myself deeper within her."aaagggagghhhhh… too………big……..please….it's..too…big…..I can't…I can't….can't..take..it" Emma wailed as now I was putting my entire weight behind each thrust and my cock was burrowed deep within her asshole. "Pleeaase…..pleeeeeeease…stop…….it hurts…so…much" Emma wailed. Oblivious to this I continued to pound into her. "Unnngghh…need…to…shit…..can't……hold..it" Emma spluttered as the effect of her ass fucking and the heroine loosened her bowels. I could feel a new warmth engulf my cock and I realised that she really had lost control of her bowels. Unable to hold on, I knew I was about to cum and I started to thrust even harder inside Emma's anus. Then at the last moment, I pulled out and with one swift movement, flipped her over onto her front, straddling her, my shit coated cock pointed at her face. Immediately I started to masturbate furiously and within seconds shot a huge glob of hot white cum into Emma's face and hair. "Now suck it clean" I ordered, forcing my member towards Emma's mouth. In response she tried to turn away, her neck muscles straining. I grabbed her throat and started to choke her, as an automatic response to which her mouth opened and I shoved my cock in there."Now suck it" I ordered and Emma did so, her eyes screwed tightly shut as the foul taste of my sweaty cock, covered with her own blood and excrement. And then I could see she was about to gag, so I rolled off her.Emma immediately vomited on the floor. I got up and started to put my pants back on. I walked back to my own room and turned for one last look at Emma Watson, who was now lying on the bed, sobbing violently, clutching at her bleeding vagina.


Beyonce and Britney

May 16, 2006

Britney had changed from her stage outfit to a more comfortable tight-top which was flattering to her already valuptuous breasts – Beyonce couldn't help but let her eyes wander to Britney's impressive cleavage and she liked what she saw, as did Britney who was secretly checking out the gorgeous woman that sat in front of her, she took in beyonces beautiful figure hugged wonderfully by a stunning red cocktail dress.The girls complimented eachother's appearances, not knowing the other girl was having erotic thoughts about them. However,they themselves knew this all too well – Britney's nipples became erect, forming obvious dimples on her top and Beyonce felt herself bacome moist as she took in her friends stunning form.'You look hot girl, if i was a guy, i'd fancy the ass of you!'Britney was surprised by Beyonces compliment but took it as it was intended and replied 'mmm thanks B, your not lookin to bad yourself – may i get you another drink?' Beyonce passed her glass to her friend and smiled 'i do believe you're trying to get me drunk miss Spears'. As the teen sensaion disapeared to get some drinks, Beyonce noticed two things 1) how late it was and how empty the bar had became and 2) Britney's hot ass – clad in tight rubber pants, beyonce couldn't deny her attraction to the girl and how much she wanted to squeeze that butt. She smiled to herself, she'd had these urges before, towards her two bandmates but had never acted on them apart from a quick drunken kiss good night to Michelle who had gone a long time ago.As Britney brought the drinks back to their sofa, she noticed that Beyonce's breasts were pushed up due to the position that she was relaxing and her long smooth legs seemed to go on forever. Britney dismissed their flirting as harmless fun but she soon realized that her body was reacting to beyonces comments and looks. Britney placed the drinks on the table ' i think we should move on after these, this place is dead' Beyonce suggested they head back to her hotel room and 'chill out' Britney, although a little taken back, agreed and she soon found herself perched on a chair in the luxury suite of the 'regency hotel'. Beyonce was now very much intoxicated by alcohol and Britney's hot body and decided to try and take things a little further ' I'm just going to slip into something more comfortable' she said as she disapeared to the bedroom shooting a seductive glance at Britney'. As she left Britney gawped at Knowles 'bootylicious' rear, Beyonce noticed and deliberately dropped her empty glass on the soft carpet 'oops! god i'm such an oaf' she said as slowly bent over to pick up the crystal glass knowing that Britney would be taking in the beautiful sight of hertight round ass. As Beyonce went to the bedroom, Britney let out a deep breath and realized how horny she was feelin, her nipples had become even more erect and she started to prespire slightly as well as feeling a growing moistness in her rubber pants, she had chosen to not wear panties as they would be visible through her tight rubber pants. She anxiously awaited Beyonce's return. As Beyonce re-applied her make-up in her mirror, a million thoughts ran through her head, she couldn't believe she was about to try and seduce Britney Spears! She slipped off her sizzling cocktail dress and slipped into a silk negligee which left nothing to the imagination and exposed her firm, large breasts and smooth long legs, she admired her reflection. No wonder she was one of the world's most fancied females, with film-star looks and a body to die for – she was irresistable.Britney sat on the foot of the bed anxiously tapping her feet – she could sense the chemistry between the pair and was nervous as to what may happen. Any doubts she had about the experience were crushed as Beyonce sauntered into the room wearing a silk piece of lingerie and a seductive look to match. The attraction in the room was tangable, both woman wanting the other. Beyonce remained silent and strutted over to Britney who duly got up from her seat. The two were now inches apart from eachotherr looking sexy as hell, Britney who seemed quite flushed wipe her forehead and arched her back alsmost offering her breasts to Beyonce who would gladly accept them.Beyonce gave a devlish look and asked 'u like?' gesturing to her angelic apearance, Britney replied nervously 'yes' Beyonce came closer 'do you want to kiss me Britney?' Britney timidly nodded, Beyonce slowly held Britney arms and moved closer to Briney's face their cheeks were now merely millimetres apart and they could feel their hot breath on eachother, Beyonce asked 'i want this to be soft' She arched toward Britney who parted her lips and the two tenderly kissed eachothers mouths, Beyonce rubbed Britney's arms gently as she massaged Britney lips with her tongue before Britney's tongue came into her mouth. Britney pulled away slowly 'thas has got to go' said Britney pointing towards Beyonce's attire, she slipped out of the lingerie letting it crumple to the floor and Britney began to lays traces of kisses on Beyonce perfect bosom, Beyonce was now only wearing a pair of black knickers and was almost in a state of orgasm as Britney licked, kissed and touched her.Beyonce gently pulled Britney's head upto eye-level again and the two bean tongueing eachother passionately, Beyonce then started to kiss Britney's neck and nibble on her ears, both stars then went straight for Britney's top – pulling it off instantaniously and Beyonce got on her knees to undo Britney's tight, rubber pants. The black pants were soon down and Beyonce aproached Britney's pussy hungrily, she kissed it softly before her tongue began to explore Britney's shaved cunt, the movements of Beyonces tongue became quicker and stronger, she couldn't believe how much she was enjoying this!Britney was thinking the exact same thing, she had never been stimulated like this before and she could tell, her state of arousal increased as she moaned and groaned 'lick me! taste me! fuck! yes!' she shouted, she couldn't control it anymore, an explosive orgasm followed and a jet of moisture was shot into Beyonce's mouth. Beyonce savoured Britney's juices in her mouth and instead of swallowing it, stood up and began to tongue Britney again who was now flustered and sweaty – in a state of ecstacy Britney offered no resistance to Beyonce as they tumbled onto the kingsize bed. Beyonce's black, cotton panties were now shed as the two intwined their sweaty, moist bodies, feverishly sucking eachother's breasts – Britney's tongue playfully flicked Beyonces nipples and her smooth thigh was rubbing between Beyonce's legs. 'I want you to taste my pussy Brit' said Beyonce firmly, Britney needed no further instructions as she kissed Beyonce from her nose to stomach and then plunged her flexible tongue into Beyonce's cunt. Beyonce couldn't help but holler with sheer orgasmic pleasure as Britney's tongue massaged her throbbing clitoris, she grasped the damp sheets and thrust her body up as she came like she never had before. After hours of the most explosive sex the two had ever experienced, they lay in bed naked holding eachother's beautiful bare bodys, every so often they would kiss eachother delicately and stare lovingly into eachother's eyes 'Britney?' 'yes, Beyonce' Beyonce sat up, 'i think this is the begining of something special between us', Britney sat up and got out of the bed, Beyonce looked concerned, ' where are you goin, babe?' Britney walked over to the window, admiring the sunset over the city, she turned to Beyonce with a look that was now familiar to her new lover 'we need a shower'.